Harvard Quantum Science and Engineering (QSE) PhD program

Dear students!

The Harvard Quantum Science and Engineering (QSE) PhD program is designed for physics students like you, as well as those studying computer science, engineering, and chemistry. The program brings these students from diverse undergraduate programs together through a world-class, integrated QSE PhD program that uniquely prepares them to become intellectual leaders and innovators in the burgeoning field of QSE.

The curriculum. The integrated curriculum provides a shared foundation and QSE language that enables students to make discoveries and collaborate fluently beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. Students enjoy the freedom to broadly explore their interests, specialize in their area of greatest interest, and can choose PhD advisors from across all quantum departments including computer science, physics, engineering, and chemistry.

The community. The Harvard QSE PhD program is built around a supportive environment and collaborative research community that helps nurture each student and ensure their success. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to work with world leaders in the field of QSE in state-of-the-art educational and computational facilities while participating in cutting-edge research.

The opportunity. Graduates of the program will be trained as the next generation of world leaders in the field of QSE. With their broad, yet deep educational foundation, guided by their own interests, they’ll be ready to take on exciting roles in industry, academia, and national laboratories.

Students may apply to both this program and, for example, to our Physics PhD program that’s also part of our Graduate School of Arts Sciences. The website for the application is linked here, the deadline is December 15, 2021. A digital poster is atteched here.

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