Klimathon 2023

Liebe Studierende!

Interessant für alle, denen die Themen Klimawandel und Nachhaltigkeit am Herzen liegen – folgende Nachricht hat uns vom InnCubator erreicht:

Maybe for your interest, I currently help to organize the Klimathon 2023. We would really like to invite you guys to join the event on 20.04-21.04. If you are interested feel free to apply online (it’s free).

The Klimathon is an innovation contest to understand, design and test ideas that help us deal with large-scale sustainability and climate change challenges. The goal is to unite for the development of sustainable business ideas to pivot towards impactful change!

In 48h hours, you will learn a quick deep dive into the design thinking process, starting with understanding the problem, getting to know your user, ideate and start prototyping. The competition will end with a 3-minute pitch to present your final solution and great prizes to win!

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