MCQST Summer Bachelor Program 2023

Liebe Studierende! 

nachfolgen der Informationstext des MCQST Summer Bachelor Program vom 30. Juli bis 27. August 2023:


The MCQST Summer Bachelor Program provides undergraduate students worldwide the opportunity to gain an insight into research in Quantum Science and Technology (QST) at MCQST and its participating institutes. After an introductory week featuring a retreat in the Bavarian Spa town Bad Tölz you will work on a project of our research groups. In addition, cultural and social activities give you a taste of life in Munich. By the end of the program, you will have gained first-hand expert knowledge in quantum science and technology and a familiarity with the Munich research environment.

MCQST focuses on specific research directions: quantum information theory, quantum simulations, quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum metrology and sensing, quantum matter, and interdisciplinary explorative directions. More detailed information can be found in our Research Units. Read more and apply here, the deadline is February 1.


Introductory Week: Welcome Retreat in the Bavarian Alps: 30. July – 2. August 2023. Here you will take part in soft skill trainings, and get to know your peers at a beautiful location in the Bavarian Alps. Once back in Munich, you will get familiar to the basic concepts of QST, laying the foundation for your research project. Laboratory visits at the different sites of MCQST in Munich and Garching will also give you an overview of the research activities at MCQST.

Research Project: In the remaining three weeks, you will work on a hands-on project in one of the research groups. A junior researcher (PhD student or PostDoc) will serve as your mentor and personal contact, introducing you to your project and supervising it. You will be fully integrated into the research group, allowing you to experience the processes and challenges of cutting-edge research in QST.

Closing Symposium: The program ends with a Closing Symposium, where you will present your work through a 10-minute talk to your peers and the MCQST community.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact The official poster is linked here.


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