NYSE to meet you!

Liebe Studierende!

Im nachfolgenden Blogpost stellst sich das NYSE – Network of Young Scientists & Engineers bei euch vor:

Hey, we are NYSE – Network of Young Scientists & Engineers. NYSE is a group of physics Ph.D. students that wants to introduce Bachelor students to current research topics. If you started studying physics in recent years, you are in the right spot. We want to help you jumpstart your study experience. We designed a lecture series specifically for you. At thursdays in November and December at 17:30 two Ph.D. students will present their research topic and give you an opportunity to ask questions about their work. We hope you will have fun learning with us about quantum computers, stellar evolution, and much more.

Upcomming Activities:

  • 4th November:
    • Vom BSc zum PhD. Wieso wir mit Lasern auf Atome schießen by Isabella Fritsche (17.30-18.00, HS E, online)
    • Seeker — The Universe in a Card Game by Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup (18.00-18.30, HS E, online)
  • 11th November:
    • What are spin waves? by Silvia Casulleras (17.30-18.00, HS E)
    • Unraveling the mysteries of early stellar evolution with Asteroseismology by Thomas Steindl (18.00-18.30, HS E)
  • 9th December:
    • From complexity to order: a tale of self-ordering phenomena around us by Elvia Colella (17.30-18.00, online)
    • Molecular Quantum Simulators by Krzysztof Zamarski (18.00-18.30, online)
  • 16th December:
    • The science of communicating science by Fulvio Flamini (17.30-18.00, online)
    • Starting a scientific career: motivations and goals by Andrea López Incera (18.00-18.30, online)

Unter diesem Link mit Kenncode 700321 könnt ihr online an den NYSE lectures teilnehmen!

Für mehr Infos zum NYSE, schaut doch auf deren Webseite vorbei!

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