Vortrag zu “Quantentechnologien mit Ionen”

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Im Rahmen des Besetzungsverfahrens für die Laufbahnstelle „Quantentechnologien mit Ionen“ hält Martin Ringbauer vom Institut für Experimentalphysik der UIBK einen Vortrag zum Thema “Quantum Information Processing with High-Dimensional Ion Trap Systems”.

Wann: Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2022 ; 14:00 – 14:45 Uhr

Wo: ICT, Technikerstraße 21a – Seminarraum 1 und 2


Ausschreibungtitel: Öffentlicher Forschungsvortrag und anschließende Diskussion zu “Quantum Information Processing with High-Dimensional Ion Trap Systems”

Abstract: Quantum technologies have developed in great strides over the past decades. Yet, today’s quantum devices are far from reaching their full potential for being limited to binary information processing, while neither the underlying quantum information carriers, nor many of the targeted applications naturally fit this two-level prescription. I will present our quest towards breaking out of this restrictive binary paradigm and unlocking the untapped potential of multi-level (qudit) quantum systems for information processing. Building on the exquisite control achieved in trapped-ion systems over the past decades, we developed a complete toolbox for native qudit information processing and demonstrated first applications that exploit the extended Hilbert space. These achievements open the door to fundamentally more efficient information processing, scaling of the computational complexity of quantum computers without increasing the number of information carriers, and the promise of improved quantum error correction performance in the long run. I will conclude with my vision for using this platform to address problems of practical relevance and to stimulate a rethinking of the way we approach quantum information processing.



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