Offene Stellen Computational Photophysics

Liebe Studierende!

In der Forschungsgruppe Computational Photophysics von Ass. Prof. Dr. Milan Ončák sind aktuelle offene Stellen ausgeschrieben, hier gelangt ihr direkt zur Ausschreibung. Nachfolgend der Text der Ausschreibung:

1. Currently, I am looking for a Ph.D. student (4 years) or a postdoc (2 years) for my FWF project “IRMPD Spectra of Water Clusters and Strongly Bound Systems”. Along with another Ph.D. student, you will be developing methods for modeling Infrared Multiple Photon Dissociation (IRMPD) spectra in close collaboration with experimentalists, namely the group of Prof. Martin K. Beyer, University of Innsbruck, and the group of Dr. Joost M. Bakker from the Free-Electron Lasers for Infrared eXperiments (FELIX) laboratory at the Radboud University. In the end, we aim to develop a set of approximations that would let the experimentalists model reliable IRMPD spectra on their own, in as black-box manner as possible. You will do some programing, develop tools for statistical description of elementary chemical processes, use both standard and advanced quantum chemical methods (including multi-reference photochemical treatment), take active part in planning of the experiments and, if interested, even in the experiments themselves. The successful candidate can start already in February 2022, but the start date can be negotiated. If interested, please contact me directly through, along with your CV and a list of references (one for a prospective Ph.D. student, three for the postdoc position).

2. Bachelor and Master students are always welcome, please just drop me a line or come by in case you want to see what you could work on.

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